AP Esteve Sales

A.P. Esteve Sales, Inc., was established in 1979 as a trading company specializing in exporting dried fruits and nuts from California. Since this time, the steady and equitable management of this family business has enabled it to become one of the leading exporters in California with a reputation for integrity recognized worldwide.

In order to complete the organization, a vertical integration process has been implemented for the past 40+ years with the creation of a production base, A.P. Esteve Farms, and the establishment of a packing and processing plant, California Almond Packers & Exporters.

As a packer, processor and exporter, the organization has the overall flexibility to be fully committed to the world market of dried fruits and nuts.





Introducing Our Family of Businesses

A.P. Esteve is a parent company to the following brands:

CAPEX Logo with almonds in the background


We provide custom processing and marketing services for other growers!

AP Esteve Farms Logo with an orchard in the background

A.P. Esteve Farms

Producing high quality almonds and walnuts in California!

J&E Hulling logo with walnuts in the background

J&E Hulling

We provde hulling services to our local growers! Contact us for more infomarmation!

JEM Equipment logo with equipment in the background.

JEM Equipment

We build custom equipment for cracking, in-shell, or hulling lines!

Meet Our Family

The Esteve Family

The Esteve Operation is a multi-generational, family-owned business. Andre-Paul's experience in growing and marketing tree crops led to the development in 1979 of the A.P. Esteve Sales Office in Stockton, California. Later, California Almond Packers & Exporters and A.P. Esteve Farming operations were expanded in Northern California where Marie and Andre-Paul's family joined them in their dream. The operations are now run together by their three sons; Emmanuel, Laurent, and Mathieu. Their goal is to provide nutritious, delicious, and innovative products for your family. Through memberships and support of organizations that focus on good safety and continuous product research, they are poised to bring reliable, consistent walnuts and almonds from three to table every day.

A photo of the Esteve family shows their three sons standing in the background with mom and hand holding hands in the front

A Visual History

  1. A.P. Esteve Logo

    Opening of A.P. Esteve


  2. CAPEX Logo

    Opening of CAPEX


  3. J and E Hulling Logo

    Opening of J&E Hulling


  4. JEM Equipment Logo

    Opening of JEM Equipment


A.P. Esteve's

Mission Statement

The purpose of the family wealth is first and foremost an expression of our values as a family; These values will enable us to grow and improve, both individually and as a family. To do this, we will manage our business for continued growth and by doing this, we will be free to choose to experience life. By doing the afrementioned, we will be able to give back to our community and those less fortunate which reflects our family values.

An early photo of A.P. Esteve shows the initial buildings being erected