Big white bags of in-shell almonds

In-shell Almonds

  • We offer inshell almonds in poly-woven bags 50 Lb.
  • Nonpareil, Sonora, Winters, Peerless, Carmel, Monterey Varieties.

Almond Kernels

  • We offer almond kernels in 50 lb. cases, 2,200 Lb. Carboard Totes and 2,200 Lb. Poly-woven bags (Super Sac)
  • All sizes 18/20 to 36/40.
  • Nonpareil, Sonora, All Carmel Types, California Types, Mission.

In-shell Walnuts

  • We offer inshell walnuts in poly-woven bags, 25kg., 10Kg., and 50lbs.
  • Howard, Chandler, and Hartley's Varieties.
  • Jumbo and Jumbo Large.

Walnut Kernels

  • We offer walnut Kernels in 25 Lb. cartons.
  • 80% Halves to 20% halves. Large, Medium, Small pieces.
  • Light and Combo color on all sizes.